City Reflections – LATEST

BORG have obtained further visuals relating the City Reflections
proposal recently submitted to Bradford Council as an Expression
of Interest for the Odeon site. The contract value of this scheme is
somewhere between £25-30M.

“Our proposal is for a world class, sustainable,
state-of-the-art swimming, diving, athletic and
multi-sport facility located in a prime position
in the heart of Bradford city centre.”

Please comment below and let us know what YOU think
of this scheme.

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2 Responses to “City Reflections – LATEST”

  1. David Says:
    February 4, 2014 at 3:43 pm #

    Well as you will know I have supported the Odeon being restored back to the New Victoria as it was originally from the day Norman told me the materials etc. for the conversion into Bingo/Odeon Twin Cinemas went in through the door and could come out of the door. I think I must have attended all or most of protests and public meetings of the Council etc.
    So how ever good this swimming/sport proposal might be it comes no where like the dream I have for the building.
    My Church’s senior Pastor tells me to have dreams and have big ones, he comes from Seattle USA and his big dream was to take his father to the Super Bowl and see their team the Seattle Seahawks play there, his father 70, had this on this bucket list.
    Well this last weekend they were both invited and were there, so dreams do come true and the Seahawks won too!

  2. David Says:
    February 4, 2014 at 4:02 pm #

    Both the Bradford Live and Bradford One proposals follow the aim of saving and restoring as much of the building as possible and both go a long, long way to my dream of seeing the New Victoria 3000+ auditorium, ballroom and restaurant restored to how they were in 1930.
    They both state to be music venues but of different capacities the B-Live 3000/4000 ‘ish. dependant if seated or standing and B-One 2000.
    I believe most of the difference is based on the restoration of the Upper Balcony or not.
    I think the restoration of the auditorium should include the restoration of the theatre stage to make the auditorium multi-purpose, not sure if both proposals include this.
    Think B-Live is better going for 3000/4000 capacity as this would make it larger than the Alhambra and St. Georges Hall, also fit in between Leeds O2 academy with 2000 and Leeds arena with 13000 capacities.

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