Bradford Odeon Survey Results Released to BORG

The findings of White Young Green’s recent structural survey have been made available to BORG. We are naturally heartened by the fact that whilst the building still looks a bit sorry for itself, the survey reports on how “the overall condition of the structure is reasonable and sound.” 

The major structural issues concerning the steel beneath the green tower domes are long-standing and were identified in the last structural survey five years ago, but BORG were advised during our site visit last October that fixing the problem would not require the demolition of the towers, as was originally stated by Maud Marshall back in 2004!!!

The findings also state that “while some further investigations would need to take place, it is likely that some localised temporary repairs would be required at first followed by more extensive repairs in the long term.” BORG were assured by Bradford Council prior to their commissioning White Young Green last November that we will have the opportunity to raise additional questions directly with the engineers involved with the report upon its publication. We intend to investigate the nature of these repairs upon our further consideration of the full structural survey.

You can see the report by clicking the link below…

Council Meeting Minutes

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