The failed bid to construct a high-rise block of student flats above a nightclub to the rear of the Odeon has recently been dusted off by a different developer in a revised planning application. The block of flats may well be not as high as previously proposed, but it would still be high enough to […]

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Thankyou Cllr. Dave Green

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It should be noted that upon becoming leader of Bradford Council in May 2012, one of Councillor Dave Green’s first proclaimed committments was to end the embittered mess surrounding the Odeon that had dogged local politics throughout the previous decade. Cllr Green was already known to BORG for being a long-standing champion of the Odeon’s […]

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It is with great sadness that we announce the death of John Pashley.

John Pashley (right) chatting to Norman Littlewood. ‘Pash’ was well known in Bradford for the many causes he generously supported including, of course, the saving of our Odeon. His tenacity to the cause and his wisdom and knowledge as well as his enthusiasm contributed greatly to our success. When things were not going well for […]

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A little respect…

The Bradford Odeon Rescue Group [BORG] has, as its members, people of political beliefs, and none and we believe that to be one of its strengths. At no time during our successful campaign to save the Odeon did we promote any particular political view, nor did we court support from only one political party. One […]

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A late Christmas gift!


Beneath the stage of the Gaumont cinema is a suite of rooms. These were bricked up and sealed off when the theatre was converted into Odeon Twins and Top Rank Bingo in 1969. During recent stripping out works, Bradford Council opened up these rooms and remnants of the theatre’s distant past were discovered within, including […]

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Another false ceiling comes down…


As was exclusively revealed by BORG several weeks ago, a long-hidden piece of the New Vic has now been exposed following the removal of the Top Rank Club ceiling. The second round of stripping out works taking place this month has finally reintroduced the surviving section of the circle balcony to the auditorium stalls for […]

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BORG’s very own ‘Restoration Man’


Having recently shown Channel4’s Restoration Man, George Clarke, round Bradford Odeon, BORG’s Mike Bottomley has been inspired to do his very own restoration job. During a recent visit to the Odeon, BORG were alerted to a room full of old lamps and lighting that had been hidden away in a bricked-up room for over 50 […]

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One step closer…


Tuesday 2nd December 2014 should be remembered as a milestone date in the Odeon saga timeline; the day that Bradford Council’s Executive Committee voted unanimously for the local authority to enter into a developer agreement with Bradford Live. Lee Craven gave a visual presentation to the well-attended meeting whilst arguing a convincing case for Bradford […]

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The day we’ve all been waiting for…


Bradford Council’s Executive Committee is expected to give its approval for the local authority to enter into a developer agreement with Bradford Live during its meeting at City Hall at 10:30am tomorrow morning. The meeting, chaired by Council Leader David Green, will be held in the Ernest Saville Room. The public are allowed to attend […]

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Repairs to the beck culvert to the rear of the Odeon have exposed this stretch of the water course to the public’s gaze for the first time in over 100 years. The various warehouses and buildings that had once formed the Quebec Works had stood on the site long before the construction of the New […]

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