An inspiring restoration

Lee Craven of Bradford Live has shared an email with BORG that he had recently received from an interested party who also shares his penchant for cinema/theatre restoration. We were so excited by what we saw in the email that we had to share it with you! The El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles is […]

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LATEST: Bradford Odeon update

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 13.17.12

You may have noticed the sudden appearance of a portacabin to the rear of the Odeon this week. This container is to be a base for the contractors due on site next week when the internal stripping out finally begins. So, should you see any activity at the Odeon towards the end of August, you […]

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Keep all bulldozer keys away from Cllr. Mallinson!


When Bradford Council made the recent announcement that only Bradford Live had made it through to the third stage of its Expressions Of Interest process, this was one of four possible scenarios that BORG had envisaged. The other three scenarios were: Both Bradford Live and Bradford One being successful at the end of stage 2 […]

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BORG’s take on this week’s news.


“No matter how disappointed some may be about one particular bid not getting through, really it’s about the Odeon. It’s not about a bid. It’s about bringing that building back into use and not having a ‘white elephant’ in  ten years’ time like it is now. That’s really what we should all be concentrating on […]

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Last Architect Standing…

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For those not registered on the Architects Journal site, here is their article on the Bradford Odeon bid announcement.

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Vic gets a good scrub!


As Bradford Council made its announcement that Bradford Live is the preferred bidder for the redevelopment of the Odeon, maintenance works were also commencing outside of the building. During the course of the next few days you will see contractors cleaning the exterior and removing foliage. If you tune in to BCB Radio around 4pm […]

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New-Image copy

Bradford Odeon Rescue Group are delighted Bradford Council has chosen Bradford Live as the preferred developer for the Odeon. Chairman of BORG, Norman Littlewood said today: We campaigned hard for over ten years to save our Odeon as we know it means a great deal to many in Bradford. But we couldn’t have done it […]

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Dome Repairs Update


This morning BORG were contacted by a local radio station who wanted to know what the situation was with the outstanding repair work that has still to be applied to the corroded steel in the Odeon’s domes. BORG were made aware that these works are about to be actively addressed a few weeks ago but […]

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Channel 4′s Restoration Man, George Clarke visits Bradford’s Amazing Space!


“I THINK IT WOULD BE BRILLIANT FOR BRADFORD TO KEEP THE ODEON!” (George Clarke, 3rd July 2014) Channel 4′s Restoration Man, and presenter of ‘Amazing Spaces’ George Clarke, has maintained a personal interest in the Bradford Odeon for a couple of years after an ongoing dialogue with Matt Shaw of BORG. The renowned architect and […]

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(Bradford Odeon advert – December 1984) The Ghostbuster season at the Odeon throughout Christmas 1984 almost evokes as many magic memories as the Star Wars mirror ball once did. Who could ever forget the frenzy created by the cinema’s staff before the film’s screening as its theme blasted out of the speakers in Odeon 2?  […]

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